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Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland enjoys an exceptional geographical significance. With beautiful, grassy meadows, towering mountains, Alpine lakes, neat villages and thriving cities, Switzerland is famous for its rich culture, prosperous lifestyle and entrancing scenic beauty. The country has inspired many romantics over the years to write countless poems and scriptures about the beautiful glacier-covered Alps and calls to outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world.Despite the cultural and physical diversity, Switzerland is one of the few countries that revel in perfect harmony and serenity, not only within the confines of the country, but also on an International platform enjoying the status of a war neutral country. Switzerland has successfully forged its strength from its extreme diverse culture and has created an impeccably peaceful society where the rights are protected and the civilians are given an extraordinary standard of living and the power to hold opinions and make decisions on important political matters.

As a result of its remarkable stability, peaceful political reputation and the excellent industrial and commercial standing, Switzerland has been selected as the headquarters for many government and non-government organizations, including the United Nations.

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Meet Behzad Daniel Ferdows

Behzad Daniel Ferdows is one of the most significant figures these days in the fields of industrial construction and manufacturing. Mr. Behzad Ferdows was born in Switzerland and he has spent a major part of his life in this beautiful country prior to setting up his company in the UAE in the 90s.Behzad Ferdows and Mehrzad Ferdows established the Mammut Group through mutual co-operation and partnership. As the Chief Executive Officer of Mammut Group, Behzad Ferdows has built an excellent standing and name in the field of Designing and Manufacturing a diverse range of products and projects within the industrial construction domain. With his efforts and years’ worth of unwavering dedication, Mammut Industrial Group is now one of the Middle East’s largest industrial contracting and manufacturing companies with core strengths in the manufacture of pre-engineered steel and pre-cast concrete. 

Mammut Industries FZCO – Inspiring Innovation

One of the main goals of the Mammut Industrial Group is to meet the worldwide prerequisites for the quality development products, which has helped them gain an outstanding position in the global business sector too. With a global outreach, the group now has ten offices globally and boasts of six state-of-the-art manufacturing plants.

At Mammut, an incredible accentuation is being made on the quality of the items and innovative methodologies are implemented to ensure that only the best products reach the global markets.