Behzad Ferdows

Behzad Daniel Ferdows

An engineer at heart, Behzad has always been focused on R&D engineering and manufacturing, seeking to better understand how high-tech manufacturing equipment and operational management can improve factory efficiency levels. 

Graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in Industrial Engineering, Behzad used his degree to understand first-hand how to utilize Lean Engineering and Six Sigma methods to improve factory Flow Streams, Team Structures, Process Tools and Technology in harmony.

Behzad studied manufacturing processes of several multinational companies to better understand their systems before embarking on a career that eventually took him to the U.A.E. where he successfully built several manufacturing companies catering to the construction industry holding Executive and CEO roles in numerous companies he established during his career. Utilizing his Industrial Engineering background and being a Black Belt in Six Sigma, Behzad played a direct role in designing factories using state of the art robotic equipment from Europe to ensure the highest levels of optimization were achieved in order to compete internationally.  

Today, Behzad continues to study dynamic engineering processes where new technologies such as 3D printed buildings and robotic machines are merged with value streams, material flow movements to maximize work space and help improve manufacturing process systems and procedures.