Situated in the core of Europe, Switzerland boasts of delightful, verdant knolls, transcending mountains, Alpine lakes, small towns and flourishing urban areas, Switzerland is well known for its rich culture, prosperous way of life and enchanting beautiful magnificence. Many artists and writers have tried to capture the beautiful essence of this heavenly land in their art and poetry. The country offers excellent terrain for exhilarating outdoor activities and stunning tourist spots, which makes it a popular holiday destination for people all around the world.

To put it in simple words, Switzerland is one of only a handful few nations that revels in amazing concordance and tranquility, at both the National and International platforms, courtesy of the status of a war impartial nation. Switzerland is not only famous for its chocolate and cheese, but its unwavering stability and peaceful society despite having one of the most ethnically diverse communities in Europe with completely different social values and ways of living.

Because of its exceptionally secure and long lived stability, a non-political stance as a war-impartial nation and the phenomenal modern and business standing, Switzerland has been chosen as the headquarter for some top administrative and non-government associations, including the United Nations.

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